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Dear Friends


We all need a place to go. A place to learn. A place to celebrate, and thrive, a place where we can be ourselves and grow together as a loving, confident Jewish community. 


You can make this possible with a donation now. Digitally, physically, AND remotely. Your donation will help connect with more people and bring more people together than ever before. Together, we can be better.


The High Holidays are right around the corner. Your donation will help people in our community hear the heart-stirring notes of the shofar. You'll make it possible for them delight in the delicious Apple & Honey.


With your help, many more precious people will celebrate the traditions, and feel at peace, knowing that someone does care.

Can you give now? Whether it's $180, or $360, or even $1080, you'll help sponsor the High Holidays this year.

Please know that any amount, even one dollar, will help. It's entirely up to you. I know it may not be the right time for you, but give if you can.


  • Your gift will help provide homebound people with a lovely High Holiday message and package, complete with apple and honey and inspiring thoughts, and even instructions on how to enjoy a mini service. 

  • Your gift will invite people who have no place else to go to join us for services. 

  • And your gift will give a Shofar Service in the Park making sure that everyone has the opportunity to hear the shofar, even those who are not comfortable walking into a synagogue.


Together, we can be “better” than before. And we need to be. Because Covid-19 taught us is that life is unexpected...and way too short. And people are too precious. 


As a community, we need to muster up every available resource to make the most of the time that we have together. To take care of each other.


We can't let another year go by without making things better than they were before. 

L'shana Tova,

Rabbi Yanky Bell

Send your donation to:

Chabad El Cerrito

704 Midcrest Way 

El Cerrito, CA 94530



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