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Heaven and Earth Meet

What goes up must come down, states the law of gravity. What about the other way around, does what came down, always eventually ascend upwards?

For the first 2000 years from the worlds creation (Adam to Abraham) the world operated with no awareness of its creator. Idol worship and pagan culture were the norm.

The first glimmers of a single G-d came from Abraham who not only recognized but taught many about the creator. His work established the foundations for the Jewish nation.

In the following 400 years, his son Isaac, and then Jacob continued in this path even keeping the Torah that was yet to be given.

But this awareness was still reserved for a select few, and their Mitzvot had no lasting impact. The sticks that Yaakov used as Tefillin were discarded after use, there were no holy objects* or sacred places.

After years of slavery, eventual freedom, and 7 weeks of preparation, the Jews were ready to become a nation, and to receive the Torah.

This event was to accomplish much more than that however, it would be the first time that heaven and earth would meet, and begin to cross paths.

For this to become possible, G-d took the first step downwards "And G-d descended on the mountain".

From that day on, with the Torah as our blueprint and guide, we have been tasked with bringing heaven down to earth and elevating earth to a higher realm.

When we start our day with the recognition that we are souls in bodies, through the Modeh Ani prayer, we bring a bit of heaven down to earth.

When we use physical objects for a holy purpose, we bring earth up to heaven.

The leather straps we now use to make Tefillin, become sacred leather straps, to bind the thinking brain and feeling heart. A respectful burial is required if they become no longer usable.

Food eaten with intention to have energy for doing good, is elevated from being simply food, to a divine fuel.

This is what all of our daily interactions with the very physical aspects of our life can accomplish.

More on this next week.

Thanks for reading!

Yanky and the children join me in wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

Shternie Bell

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