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The Hike of Life

I start at the base

Think ahead to my needs

A bathroom pit stop

Full water bottle

Sunhat and layers

All set to go

The map shows the trail

Its length and direction

It all seems so clear

I got this

I'm off to a good start

No need to think much

Walking along

Absorbed in the novelty of my surroundings

But as I follow

The curves, bends and inclines of the trail

My legs begin a quiet protest

We're tired

I see only more of the path ahead

No end in sight

The confidence I started with

Mocks me silently

How to keep going?

I turn behind and see

All I've already climbed

And what's below me

I feel lighter instantly

Keep moving towards my goal

Another protest quickly follows

Telling me it's a no go

I sit beneath a tree

Feel comfort in the canopy of it's shade

I drink some water

And breathe

As I continue

I noticed things I didn't before

Tiny blooms among the weeds

The sound of a hundred chirping birds

But in the moments of deep despair

There's one thing that keeps me strong

The map of the trail in my pocket

Assures me that I'm right where I belong

This Friday we celebrate Shavuot, the day the Torah was given. The Torah serves as a map and blueprint of how to live a healthy life. "It is a tree of life to grasp on to". It is given again every year on this date with a new energy. Experience this by going to hear the 10 commandments. Whether you'll be here in El Cerrito or traveling for the holiday weekend, there is sure to be a Torah reading near you!

Wishing you a meaningful receiving of the Torah with joy.

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