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Month of Miracles

Yesterday was Rosh Chodesh, the start of the month of Nissan. It's a month of many firsts. First month of the year biblically, our birth as a nation, beginning of spring. It is also the time when we were commanded to observe the calendar and the months based on a lunar cycle.

This month is called "Chodesh Ha'aviv" in the Torah, the month of spring. It's because of this one phrase and the Torah's instruction that Passover should be in the spring, that the Jewish calendar-mainly the leap year have been instituted. This ensures Passover will always be in spring, otherwise our holidays would fall in different seasons every year, like Ramadan.

The word Nissan includes the root word Nes -which means miracle. It is a month of miracles beginning with our exodus from Egypt. The Midrash states that G-d's love for us is shown in His taking us out of Egypt in the spring time when it's not too hot, or too cold. The time of spring is opportune for new growth and for transcending our personal exiles and the places where we are stuck in our lives.

There is much power and potent energy in this month. Although it is busy with Passover, spring break and life, some moments of reflection on harnessing what we can access, will bring sweet fruit like the budding trees will.

Some highlights this month:

1st of Nissan: Dedication of the Tabernacle and first Priestly service+offering

11th of Nissan: Birth date of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and National Education and Sharing Day

15th-22nd of Nissan: Passover

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