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Regards from Jerusalem

I've had several cities I've called home

Montreal first, and close after New York which we visited every few months and where Yanky and I began our life together.

Most recently El Cerrito, our permanent home, the place where all our children were born.

I came to Israel for the first time at 16 and 8 times subsequently. The total time I've spent here totals less than 6 months, yet it feels like home to me the same way those places I've lived in do.

Here is a note of gratitude to Jerusalem, where I'm fortunate to be spending a few days.

Applause accompanies the landing on your ground

The winding roads and mountains a welcoming embrace

You pulse with the heartbeat of a people

Stepping out into the sunshine

I navigate your familiar streets

Every corner with another surprise to offer

Your stones are cool to the touch

They have stood the test of time

I take in the sweet air

The smells of your cuisine

I hear music all around

Loudspeakers, drums and calls to prayer

Throngs of people who've come to see you

Your beauty and mystery

Brothers and sisters of all types and stripes

Most of all I feel the joy that is here

In the city that G-d chose as home

Jerusalem of fire, heart of the world

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