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A fetus floating in the bliss of the womb

A seed burrowed in the soft damp earth

A butterfly still in its cocoon

All of us wrapped in warm blankets at dawn

A people enslaved on the cusp of liberation

Asking no one's permission, the contractions begin

Pushing the baby towards its exit and into the world

The Earth claims the seed's very self as its own

Exchanging it for new plant life which reaches over the surface of the soil

The cocoon falls away leaving the butterfly stunned

Until several days later it flies away

The morning light filters in through the windows

The blankets pushed away feet planted on the ground, upright for the day

The multitudes of men, women and children, leaving all they've ever known p

Partially baked matzah bread on their backs, a testament to the hurry

Most of us claim to want growth and evolvement

But sometimes the light is far more terrifying than the dark

It shines and exposes all that is there

There is no where to hide, no way to retreat to the comfort we had in the dark

We are never ready to take that step over the threshold

Like the magic walkways at airports, we are propelled forward

We protest, I'm not ready

Let me at least let my bread rise and bake it properly

But we will never truly be ready

We acclimate to the light once we're already in it, blinking away the darkness

Leaving behind all that no longer serves us

The month of Shvat has just begun

The first signs of spring in the air

The days getting longer

New growth and life beginning to emerge

Like the plant life around us

We are growing, evolving

On the threshold of the next stop on our journeys

Fear not

Step over into the unknown

Who knows what awaits

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